jjmagazine- June, 2013

‘Held in the Peach Blossom Dream’

  • Editor: Seo, Jae Woo
  • Photography: Yul D Kim
  • Location: SeMA Living Arts Museum, Seoul


Chang Eungbok, the textile designer who has reinterpreted Korean aesthetics in a contemporary style, exhibited her new work. Surprisingly, she turned the whole exhibition space into a hotel.

<Boutique hotel, Peach Blossom Dream>
The five exhibition rooms on the first floor were composed of the reception, living room, dining hall, bedroom, and private lounge of the hotel. In the latter half of the Joseon Dynasty, works inspired by the humorous and everyday images often appear in folk paintings, and in Chang’s hotel they were presented in each room. These works, produced mainly in bold colorful fabrics and patterns, were adapted to the function of each room.

The second floor was composed of a hotel business center and various bedroom suites, and took the traditional theme of ‘mountains and water.’ These were spaces of meditation and healing, and presented works derived from the texts and artworks of poets and artists of the Joseon period.