The patterns collected in MONO COLLECTION are categorized within Chang Eungbok’s design concept according to three broad themes: ‘Mountain-Water,’ ‘Peach Blossom Dream,’ and ‘Daam.’
Together, they represent a wide variety of visual, sensual, and emotional experiences, that are linked by Chang’s abiding interest in Korean culture and her desire to create a genuinely contemporary design style.


Poetry / Narrative / Line / White / Monochrome / Nature / Simplicity / Imperfection / Emptiness
Inspired by the Chinese and Korean word for ‘landscape’ - which translates as ‘mountain and water’ - and Korean landscape painting, as well as by the timeless philosophy of the Tao and Yin-Yang, this collection conjures a realm of high craggy peaks, fast-running streams, ever-changing clouds, and wild nature, evoked in an austere yet elegant and refined style.

Peach Blossom Dream

Sensuous / Pleasure / Reverie / Humor / Decorative / Colorful / Dynamic / Complex / Affirmative
‘Peach Blossom Dream’ continues and expands Mono Collection’s exploration Korean Folk Art-inspired designs, fusing traditional and modern techniques using rich and varied materials. ‘Peach Blossom Dream’ evokes a life-affirming mood, full of bold color combinations, varied and sensual textures, and joyful patterns.


Harmonious / Peaceful / Balanced / Stain / Fluidity / Air / Wind / Energy(ch’i) / Indistinct / Changeable / Transitory / In-Between / Metamorphosis / Void / Hybrid / Layers / Purity /Action / Gesture / Performance ‘Daam’ represents the spirit of experimentation and spontaneity, combined with a sense of harmony and peace. ‘Daam’ includes exciting fabrics and furniture which are characterized by fluid, layered, and hybrid styles.