The patterns collected in MONO COLLECTION are categorized within Chang Eungbok’s design concept according to four broad themes: ‘Mountain-Water,’ ‘Peach Blossom Dream’, ‘Daam’ and ‘The Guardian’.
Together, they represent a wide variety of visual, sensual, and emotional experiences, that are linked by Chang’s abiding interest in Korean culture and her desire to create a genuinely contemporary design style.


Poetry / Narrative / Line / White / Monochrome / Nature / Simplicity / Imperfection / Emptiness
Inspired by the Chinese and Korean word for ‘landscape’ - which translates as ‘mountain and water’ - and Korean landscape painting, as well as by the timeless philosophy of the Tao and Yin-Yang, this collection conjures a realm of high craggy peaks, fast-running streams, ever-changing clouds, and wild nature, evoked in an austere yet elegant and refined style.

Peach Blossom Dream

Sensuous / Pleasure / Reverie / Humor / Decorative / Colorful / Dynamic / Complex / Affirmative
‘Peach Blossom Dream’ continues and expands Mono Collection’s exploration Korean Folk Art-inspired designs, fusing traditional and modern techniques using rich and varied materials. ‘Peach Blossom Dream’ evokes a life-affirming mood, full of bold color combinations, varied and sensual textures, and joyful patterns.


Harmonious / Peaceful / Balanced / Stain / Fluidity / Air / Wind / Energy(ch’i) / Indistinct / Changeable / Transitory / In-Between / Metamorphosis / Void / Hybrid / Layers / Purity /Action / Gesture / Performance ‘Daam’ represents the spirit of experimentation and spontaneity, combined with a sense of harmony and peace. ‘Daam’ includes exciting fabrics and furniture which are characterized by fluid, layered, and hybrid styles.


utilitarian / bio-degradable / sustainable / natural resources / modest sensuality / raw elegance / soft structure

‘The guardian’ express the naturalness of repeated form but also the joy of being freed from form. It incorporates the atypical, simplistic, crude and raw aspects that nature possesses into the functionality and utility of pattern design. As a result, ’The Guardian’ brings the human closer to the non-human, making us feel more in touch with our environment, and encouraging more intimate and spontaneous emotions.