The lotus grows naturally all over the world, and appears frequently in the stone sculpture of buildings and art in Egypt, China, and India, and has left many traces in several cultural heritages throughout human history. The lotus was the symbol of a strong life force and of propagation, and it represents reincarnation in Buddhism, where it is said that one is born again inside the lotus blossom. The lotus also represents honest poverty in Confucianism. Joseon Buncheong Bakji Yeonhwamun Pyeonbyeong (flat grayish-blue-powdered celadon with lotus pattern from the Joseon period) uses a large depiction of a lotus almost filling up the side of the bottle, which was applied using the scraping technique, and brought out the lotus pattern more prominently. The pattern expresses magnanimously through the drawn lotus pattern, while the coolness of the design is conveyed by the fine glaze.

* Grayish-blue-powdered Celadon with Lotus Pattern