CASA LIVING, March, 2015.

Weaving Wind and Light

  • Editor: Ji Eun Hong
  • Photography: Lee Jongkeun
  • Director: Chang Eungbok(Mono Collection)



The ‘Dowonmong’, which was featured in the Joseon period artist Ahn Gyeon’s’ famous painting Mongyoudowondo’(1447), or ‘Peach Blossom Paradise,’ evokes a place lying on a shifting boundary between reality and a dreamy unreality. Inspired by the scholar-artist styles of the Joseon dynasty and our folk arts, Peach Blossom Dream consists of colorful and diverse materials. Bold colors, sensual textures, and delightful patterns bring a more positive energy to everyday life. The dreamy imagery captures in a modern style the landscape of the peach blossom I saw in my dreams.


Mountain - Water evokes the Yin - Yang thought of Oriental philosophy, and the landscapes of Oriental painting from a unique perspective. The rugged mountainside, the meandering stream, and the ever-changing clouds are magnificent and inspiring. The special balance that reproduces the innate character of nature is not just ancient wisdom, but a simple and graceful spirit that penetrates yesterday and today.


Daam evokes the forms and colors of water flowing naturally. Light emerges from the monochromatic image, and produces a delicate image that expresses the fluidity of nature. Daam is not merely simple overlapping of forms, but reveals colors and patterns within empty space, and produces a deep and clear aesthetic. In addition to the profound textures of the rich, refined, rough, and soft earth, it also resembles the living and breathing self.