CASA LIVING, April, 2015

The Place Where Landscape Remains

  • Editor: Ji Eun Hong
  • Photography: Lee Jongkeun
  • Director: Chang Eungbok(Mono Collection)
  • assistant:Hyo Seon Choi
  • Photoshoot Location:Dansk


The word ‘place’ has a different meaning than ‘space.’ For those who occupy a place, there are always stories and memories. A space becomes a place when personal history is added. From the music that fills the air, the taste that awakens the taste buds, the aromas that stimulate the nose, to evocative sounds and images. The home furnishings proposed by Mono Collection and Chang Eungbok are in contact with this idea of ‘place.’ Chang creates works that coexist within a living environment, not just that occupy space. This is a vibrant place where furnishings seem to flow smoothly and interact with the living. The authentic identity of Mono Collection can be found here.