CASA LIVING, June, 2015.

An Album of Taste and Pleasure

  • Editor: Ji Eun Hong
  • Photography: Lee Jongkeun
  • Director: Chang Eungbok(Mono Collection)
  • Flower Styling: Kotbatt
  • Photoshoot location: Choeungsook Art & Lifestyle Gallery


The word ‘meal’ does not just mean eating and drinking. It adds to our consciousness, behaviour and personality, and creates bonds ​​of sharing and communication. The same is true of spaces set aside for food. They are not just for eating, but also places of exchange where people forge relationships. Enjoying tastes and style in one place is not something that is limited to the present day. The custom of sharing the bounty of nature from the four seasons, and enjoying company with food, is very ancient. For example, people gathered together under the cherry tree, made rice cakes, and ate sweet potatoes. Today, public or private dinner parties in Seoul, where people gather together for awhile and eat, are no different.