CASA LIVING, August, 2018.

Simple But Abundant Patterns.

  • Editor: Ji Eun Hong
  • Photography: Lee Jongkeun
  • Place Photoshoot location: Boan Artspace and Stay 1942


Boan Artspace and Stay 1942 Project

It’s more than a revelation. Layer upon layer, but without confusion. In the spaces Chang Eungbok of Mono Collection has refurbished, nature which changes every single day and every moment, is expressed like a picture.

As the door opens, the mind gradually becomes calm. There are a few pieces of furniture. The sunlight of a summer day, sunshine which obediently creates light within space. ‘Chang Eungbok In Residence’ has opened at Boan Artspace and Stay 1942, Guest Room 42, in Seoul.

The room is filled with the sensitivity typical of Mono Collection, which is celebrated for reinterpreting traditional aesthetics in modern ways. ‘Place is history and time’, as Chang Eungbok says. Layered and flexible materials separate the space in subtly different ways, green and white for summer greetings, the delicacy of white, the meeting of physical properties and intangible setting, a season in which I would like to stay forever.

Borrowed landscape Downtown

Just as our ancestors enjoyed elegant nature without changing anything in places where the feng shui was good, Chang Eungbok imbues Boan Art Space and Stay 1942 with serene benevolence. From the small tea room where we see lovely scenery through the window, to the canopied terrace with the sky up above, each space is decorated with pure and refined objects that become a ‘part of nature’.