MAISON, August 2010

‘An Album of Eight Landscapes in the 21st Century’

  • Editor: Shin Hye Yeon, Shin Jin Soo
  • Creative Director: Chang Eungbok (President, Mono Collection)
  • Photography: Lee Jong Keun
  • Art Director: Yoo Jae-young


This project was inspired by the ‘Album of eight landscapes’ (Kansong Museum of Art) by the famous Joseon period artist Gyeomjae Jeong Seon, which struck me like a breeze in the middle of summer. ‘Jaha-dong’ depicts the summer scenery of the valley of Inwang mountain, ‘Cheongpungae’, a house in Cheongsong-dang, the scenery of Baekak Mountain, and the Jangdong area under Inwang mountain. In these pale luminous works I discovered the inexhaustible delights of the summer scenery in old Seoul’s‘Baeksasil’ district.