I became interested in the celadon of Goryeo alongside the white porcelain and grayish-blue-powdered celadon of Joseon while studying the traditional arts of Korea. In my research into Goryeo celadon I found that the colors are more or less celadon green, but vary according to the production process and technique. I thought, ‘How would it look if I put all the Goryeo celadon in the world on a single canvas?,’ and I actually transferred the images of all the celadon I had recorded onto my computer screen.

I wanted to create variety in a visual sense, rather than transferring them as they were. Instead of expressing celadon green, I only took the contours to emphasize a sense of volume, and carefully articulated the delicate and charming patterns to repeatedly overlap different landscapes within the celadon. After many repetitions, a pattern with sense of space and speed was created.

* Celadon Journey