It is easy to find walls that show patterns of flowers, ten traditional symbols of longevity, and auspicious characters, when you walk inside the ancient palaces, such as Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung in Seoul.

The photos capturing the sight of sunset at Umyeon Mountain, and the tree shadows shot with backlight, were combined against a patterned wall, looking as though it was created by weaving bamboo to create a modern pattern of traditional landscape painting.

Working on the pattern brought back warm memories of an evening when I heard my mother’s voice alongside the smell of rice being cooked while playing with friends on a summer’s evening.

The pattern is a mint color that gives a cool feeling when used as a summer curtain, and it can also play the role of appropriated landscape, bringing the landscape outside the window into the house, just as our ancestors did.

* Hwamoondam in Changdeok Palace